Hydraulic Hot Press For Laminates


Hydraulic Hot Press For Laminates

The Decorative and Industrial Laminate Hydraulic Press Line is utilized to deliver the Industrial and Decorative Laminates, which are ordinarily known as Hylam Sheets and Sun mica Sheet. They are usually utilized for Industrial Use, Furniture Use, protection sheets, copper clad PCBs, and encasing sheets. The absolute Laminate Press line comprises of the machines for get together, stripping, form taking care of, stacking, emptying, passing on, and press overlay.

Our total line of standard Hydraulic Presses alongside our capacity to specially craft a press to suit our clients' particular prerequisites, permits us to effectively serve a wide assortment of businesses. We have involvement with dealing with a various scope of utilization - from the standard to the uniquely determined. Regardless of what your business, we have the aptitude to manufacture you the best Hydraulic Press Machine for your prerequisite.

Products Features:

Window Frame Construction

Multi Daylight Openings

Uniform Heat and Pressure Distribution

Higher Heat Retaining Capacity

Hydraulic and Electrical Components of International Standards

Capacity 7000 Ton
Material Mild Steel
Usage/Application Industrial
Automation Grade Fully Automatic
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Surface Finishing Paint Coated
Platen Size 3100 x 1350 mm
Specific Pressure 100 Kg/cm2
Product Size 3048 x 1220 mm